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Hiring a Handyman in Palmdale


Selecting a handyman in Palmdale can be a frustrating experience. The following guidelines for hiring a Palmdale handyman will not guarantee a successful handyman project, but will increase the chances that whatever handyman project you are asking your Palmdale handyman to perform, will turn out well.


Every Palmdale handyman you consider for your Palmdale handyman project should meet or exceed the following handyman criteria:


  • A handyman is not required to have a California contractor’s license if the work performed is valued at less than $500.00. If it is more, then he should have the license appropriate for the project
  • Contractor’s Workmen’s Compensation, liability and auto insurance
  • A good relationship with suppliers who work with Palmdale handyman companies
  • An extensive list of homeowners who have used the Palmdale handyman


It is also important that the Palmdale handyman you select puts you at ease and communicates well since you will be spending a lot of time with the Palmdale handyman you choose. In the end, the outcome of your Palmdale handyman project will be dependent upon the Palmdale handyman that you select.